Portuguese-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs App Reviews

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Not worth it

This app is way too expensive and simply not worth it. Any online dictionary like Linguee or even Google Translator is more helpful than this crappy app. Dont waste your money!


This application on my iPhone is perfect. I use it to practice my portuguese during conversations and its a perfect alternative to dragging around heavy text books!

Waste of money

Cant even tell you how to say please. I am in portugal and this software is useless. Dont waste your money.

Lacks lots of vocabulary

let me start off by saying I had bought the Ultralingua spanish-english dictionary app, and loved it. unfortunately, the same cant be exactly said for this portuguese-english dictionary. this dictionary is simply missing a fair amount of vocab, including some verbs?? how can that be? I was expecting the same quality i got from the span-eng, and its just not there with this one. They need to add a lot more vocab and usages from Brazil, by far the biggest and most influential country for Portuguese. The equivalent would be not including words colloquial to the United states and Canada in an english dictionary (for ex omitting words like dude, , buddy, and only putting in Friend, guy). the software itself is good, they just need to add way more vocabulary from Brazil. If they update the amount of words from Brazil in the dictionary i would bump this up to fivestars because it is good software, just lacks vocab.

Not Brazilian Portuguese

The fact that the 200 million speakers of Brazilian Portuguese far outnumber speakers of other variants of Portuguese has escaped the producers of this app. This app is of little help to those interested in Brazilian Portuguese, particularly the "verbs" section. Tu (you) is seldom used in Brazil, yet the equivalent "você" is missing (verb tenses are not the same for both). At least specify that this is oriented toward Portuguese of Portugal so potential buyers can make an informed choice.

It isnt work in my iPhone 4S! I dont know why

Fantastic App!

This app is really handy to quickly translate words on the fly. I am glad that it is on my iPhone, because now I have a complete reference book in my pocket, wherever I go. Although I am fluent in both English and Portuguese, there are always those words that escape me in conversation, most commonly when referring to technical, academic, political, scientific, or other complex subjects. Sometimes explaining "around" the word is more challenging than getting the direct translation. Parabens, Ultralingua e obrigado pra este applicativo no meu iPhone!

i bought it when it was $30

at 20 bucks, this is a really good price. its so nice to have. i just sold my 501 portuguese verb book and pocket dictionary because i dont need them anymore now. i dont have their desktop software, so i dont have that to compare it to, but this already does more than my other books combined. i have an iphone, but im in brazil right now, so it usually doesnt have internet access, so i love being able to use this whenever. ill probably get the spanish-english and english dictionary as well since they dropped the price.


Um this program is great except for the fact that there are barely any pronunciations... The few that are there are in Russian or some other foreign language that is neither Portuguese nor English!!! What the heck? Thank God my husband speaks Portuguese and can help me out, but what about those who dont have that kind of luxury??? Great app. besides the pronuciation issues!!! Almost every word I look up is in there.

Spectacular Dictionary

I lived in Brasil 12 years and read/write/speak Portuguese. Im familiar with most of the available dictionaries but have never seen one as good and as useful as this one. The conjugation option is particularly helpful. This is a quality product worth much more than the $20 price!


In the first week since purchasing this pricey app, here are the words I looked up but that were not listed in this dictionary: anzol (fish hook), arrai (ray fish, skate), comover (to move, to stir), ralar (in the colloquial usage meaning to exert onesself), paquerar (to flirt), iguaria (a snack, delicacy), sovina (mean), bitolado (narrow-minded), quitute (snack), guloseima (a rich snack), caule (stem), foods like moqueca, feijoada, vatapa... the list goes on. I wasnt looking to see what was omitted - these are just words that I came across in my Portuguese studies. Considering the high price, this app is in serious need of major updating, and despite some nifty features (a history of words looked up, verb conjugations), I cannot recommend it. At all.

Worth Every Penny

Recently moved to Brazil and learning Portuguese. Dont listen to the reviews that complain about the price. I am using this program everyday and it is very useful. It is a very powerful tool if you are serious about learning portuguese and you are in Brazil. I dont carry anything else around and I use it for translating texts. It is a great layout and has a separate section for verbs with conjugations in all tenses. I have spent a lot of money on tools to help learn portuguese and this is by far my most favorite one. It does not have every word I have looked up but it does have most of them.


A rip off. Many common words missing. Poor translations. Really disappointing especially given the price. Dont buy! Dont buy!

o melhor dicionário

muito bom o aplicativo! o dicionário tem cada palavra que eu poderia precisar. os operadores de ultralingua são super inteligentes, e eu adoro todos os seus produtos. o dicionário em espanhol também é muito bom. obrigado, ultralingua pelo melhor aplicativo no meu iPod. this is a great dictionary with a huge variety of words. every word I have tried to look up is on here, and I want to thank ultralingua for such a great app. I havent found a dictionary even half as thourough as this on the iPod. and I love the fact that it doesnt need Internet access. really great app :] muito bom, e muito obrigado!

Great update!

You guys just update it, way to go! Now I can find almost every word that I look for and much easier way, great job!

Good dictionary overall.

It serves well the purpose of a bilingual dictionary, as well as verb conjugator, with ease of use. My one criticism is that it does not always say whether nouns are masc/fem in Portuguese -critical information for agreement.

I Couldnt have had a great trip in Brazil without it.

I was in Brazil recently and found this app invaluable. I took a few portuguese classes and even the teacher thought the brazilian dictionary was really good. I was constantly using it to figure out with my Brazilian friends a work here or there. Its not a translator but definately an excellent tool.

academically interesting app, not for practical use

If you are studying Portuguese in school this app might be useful, if you are traveling and want an app to help with translation go elsewhere - a simple phrasebook is far superior.

Brilliant - (v1.2.3)

I just installed the new patch and I can officially say I have an electronic Portuguese-English Dictionary. I had to wait a few weeks but I definitely got my monies worth with this app. Ultralingua, Inc. slapped it out of the park with this one. ********************************************* Good Enough - Very Promising! (v1.2) I am almost at the intermediate level of Brazilian Portuguese and have two (2) critiques regarding this application. 1. There should be two versions of this app.- European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. There are distinct differences between the two that the lazy and non-serious learners will never appreciate. European Portuguese differs from Brazilian Portuguese the same way British English differs from American English. 2. There are two and four letter words that are missing from this app that are building blocks for a strong Portuguese foundation. I found it interesting that when I attempted to type in the word futebol which means soccer, the word f**k came up. It was then I realized I inadvertently selected English instead of Portuguese in the lookup field. My point is, Ultralingua, Inc. went through the trouble of cataloging a word that didnt need to be referenced and excluded thousands of other words that could be stored electronically as the Webster Dictionary app. In short, if this app were free I would give it five stars and insist on Ultralingua, Inc. excepting some of my money. But at $20 USD I dont feel ripped off, but expect I will get my monies worthy in future upgrades and versions.


Have used daily for four months while working in Brazil and its helped sooooo much.

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