Portuguese-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs App Reviews

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Not Brazilian Portuguese

The fact that the 200 million speakers of Brazilian Portuguese far outnumber speakers of other variants of Portuguese has escaped the producers of this app. This app is of little help to those interested in Brazilian Portuguese, particularly the "verbs" section. Tu (you) is seldom used in Brazil, yet the equivalent "você" is missing (verb tenses are not the same for both). At least specify that this is oriented toward Portuguese of Portugal so potential buyers can make an informed choice.

Portuguese-English translator

Not very useful with Brazilian Portuguese. I find it in general very basic.

Lacks lots of vocabulary

let me start off by saying I had bought the Ultralingua spanish-english dictionary app, and loved it. unfortunately, the same cant be exactly said for this portuguese-english dictionary. this dictionary is simply missing a fair amount of vocab, including some verbs?? how can that be? I was expecting the same quality i got from the span-eng, and its just not there with this one. They need to add a lot more vocab and usages from Brazil, by far the biggest and most influential country for Portuguese. The equivalent would be not including words colloquial to the United states and Canada in an english dictionary (for ex omitting words like dude, , buddy, and only putting in Friend, guy). the software itself is good, they just need to add way more vocabulary from Brazil. If they update the amount of words from Brazil in the dictionary i would bump this up to fivestars because it is good software, just lacks vocab.

Terrible waste.

Dont like it at all. Very limited. Hardly enough words. Mainly hate it because definitions are so skimpy. Want my money back.

Waste of good money

I had the Collins Portuguese-English dictionary and thought it missed words sometimes, so I bought this on the recommendation of one Kit Eaton in the New York Times. Ill give her a piece of my mind also. This dictionary lacks many very basic words and mistranslates others. Today I found an entry duplicated. Is no one proofreading? Im going back to Collins and will attempt to get my money back from the iTunes store, good luck with that.

Good but not great

I got this before a recent trip to Brazil, and I was disappointed in how many times I tried to translate a word and didnt find it in the dictionary. I also was disappointed it didnt have the gender of the word (masculine or feminine) - at least that I could find. On the other hand, it does a great job with all the verb conjugations - that part works really well. And it is nice that its a complete package - you can use it without having to have any connection (wi-fi or otherwise) to the phone.

I wish all apps were this good

Shortly after buying my iPhone two years ago I bought the Ultralingua Portuguese-English dictionary app for it. Although I was hesitant given the price, it turned out to be a well-spent $20. The dictionary quality itself is as good as a medium to large-sized dictionary (not as good as the two-volume reference dictionary I have), but the UI is what makes it worth it -- making it easy to switch between definitions and verb conjugations -- everything is linked the way you want it to be. And they have made regular updates to the app as needed. When I bought my iPad, I was very pleased that they turned their dictionaries into "universal" apps so it had a special UI for the iPad without requiring a separate purchase. I cant recommend this app enough.


Im so pleased with the new updates now I think this application is worth the price !

Latest update killed it...

This used to be a great app. The latest update was an attempt to add some stylization. What it did was ruin the UI and impact the utility. Positive Notes: Extensive dictionary. Conjugation feature is handy.

Easy to use, but lacking words

This ap saves a lot of time over using a paper dictionary, but I find only about 75% of the words Im looking for and some of those I do find, do not have the appropriate definition. I am taking a Portuguese class, so am not looking up exotic words. I love the features though - it has some really clever usability. Just wish it were more complete and offered an audio pronunciation. I also wish they had a feature comparison of this ap and the more expensive ap. Not sure its worth the money.

Best Brazilian app!

I have had this app for several years, and it keeps getting better and better. As an American living part-time in Rio studying Portuguese, I recommend it highly both for quick translations and for studying the incredibly complex Portuguese verb conjugations. Amazingly you dont need WiFi - its all in your device. So no more little dictionaries in your pocket. Great personalized support from friendly techs. Love it!

It isnt work in my iPhone 4S! I dont know why


I tried everything but this app is locked on portrait mode now! I cant use it on landscape mode anymore! And my orientation is not locked!!! Its a terrible bug for a $19,99 app!!!

Dont pay!

Living in Brazil and had the false idea that the most expensive dictionary would be the best. I was way wrong! This dictionary is seriously lacking and often does not have what Im looking for or gives a bad translation. I have another dictionary that was practically free and I use it more. Look elsewhere!

Not worth it

This app is way too expensive and simply not worth it. Any online dictionary like Linguee or even Google Translator is more helpful than this crappy app. Dont waste your money!

Its just ok

I originally gave this a good rating bit since studying and learning more português I found this dictionary to be seriously lacking. An entry will offer several possible translations without explanation. The dictionary tries to oversimplify the language and sometimes give you a misleading translation. Careful.


I purchased this for language help while traveling in Brazil. There is little in the way of useful phrases and those are difficult to find. It gives many results for translating a single word with no help in determining which word is appropriate for the given context. $20 wasted.

Awesome app!

I want to buy this for other languages, its really handy to have!!


I bought this dictionary because it was probably the first available for the iPhone and it also always shows up first in searches for Portuguese-English dictionaries. I spend a lot of time in Brazil and having a dictionary on the iPhone is an enormous convenience. But I often find serious problems with the entries in this app: (1) often I cant even find the words that I am looking for, encountered in Folha de Sao Paulo or some revista about the novellas. In other words, palavras that should be in a useful dictionary. (2) many of the definitions offered are too brief and misleading or offer only one meaning when several can be found in other dictionaries (eg the iPhone Aurelio). Sometimes it actually seems to be just plain incorrect. What is strange is that Ulta-lingua offers the excellent Collins dictionary at the same price. they should simply remove this dictionary from their catalog and stick with their much superior alternative The app does offer conjugation of verbs however, and this is very useful but this same feature is available in the Collins dictionary also.

Great app but could be better if...

This is an excellent app, I do recommend it, its the best of its kind to things would make it perfect to me. 1. Be able to add your own words, so when you find something missing and have to look elsewhere to find it you can then add it so you can keep everthing in one place and improve it over time. 2. The ability to sync with the desktop app. Since the desktop app has the ability to add more words already I need to keep them in sync.

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